Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{ jimmy choo }

When this bag came in the mail, I could barely contain myself. I ripped the packaging open, carefully unwrapped the mirrored clutch inside and held it up lion-king-style to show my friend Katie, who after a long pause and a hard squint responded : "I don't get it."

It never occurred to me that I couldn't wear my new Jimmy Choo "candy" Clutch with everything. So, I tested that theory out. I wore it with my black curator pants, over my boyfriend jacket and then with the look above. Three days, three wears. So, in the end, I think I'm right- red lips go with everything.

Worn above with my favorite Joie wedges, destressed denim, fitted cropped jacket & tassel earrings . Oh and red chanel lipstick. Because, duh.

{ Dal's tips: If you invest in a designer bag make it a unique one.
If you are going to make the splurge, it should a showstopper. }

What I wore it with: {jimmy choo clutch} { jacket } {denim } {lisilerch earrings} { joie wedges }


Yolonda | Style Fragment said...

That bag is awesome! Love it!

Viu said...

I love the hair the most!:)

Anonymous said...

Love that H&M blazer!!