Friday, July 29, 2011

Cute Marketing

I have begun posting some baby and kids products, as well as products for stylish moms. (Mostly because I feel there is something missing in the market for moms who live stylishly.)
This week, instead of showing you some specific objects, I thought I'd just share these. Couldn't resist.

ps) congrats to Beth, Theresa, Courtney, Carly, Caroline & Staley for winning the DSW bag,
or Birchbox contest!! If you missed out- enter this weeks contest here!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

add black

Someone recently told me you should add black to every room or project you do. When I stumbled upon these two photos, I agreed.

Let's Design Together: Bungalow 5

We have been adding to the office each week. Our rugs are STILL on backorder so I will begin posting photos of the space the second they arrive. It will still be unfinished, but just a little bit more finished. This week, even though we are missing some items , we asked Bungalow 5 to share what they would add next.

Just as a refresher- here are the items we have (..or are in transit ), and this is what Bungalow 5 suggested for us! I spoke with them about what I consider the main design challenge for every creative space: I need a computer and a printer on hand all of the time. It sounds like a good idea to hide it away, but what a pain to pull out a printer and put it way again. We both thought a few electronics could be placed right on this console, and the others in the drawers.
What do you think? I thought I would keep this printer on it:  It's by Canon- and it's white.

Current Items: Layla Grayce Screen (it's currently one of the only items that has arrived. And thank god b/c it's gorgeous), Antique Louis Chair (here, from Senera and Lily), mine from an antique store, Ikea desk, West elm Rug, Metallic Cowhide, Jill Rosenwald vase, labels deigned by Paper+Cup, Lucite tray by Tilly Maison. bungalow 5 marco console

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Giveaway- from Jack Rogers and Dallas Shaw

As most of you know already, one of my clients is Jack Rogers, the go-to company for summer sandals. I have been doing illustrations for them for a few months now (for both twitter and facebook) , and I have to tell you that the inner prepster in me is dying for a pair of classic navajos.  I think that my personal favorite pair on the site are these Black Label navajos. I have seen both the brown and black in person and just don't know which I like more! 

And who doesn't love a little Shiny Sardinia Snake in their life.

I am so excited that the lovely ladies that I work with at Jack Rogers agreed to do a Giveaway today! 

The favorite in their office is currently this one: the Montecarlo Linen Navajo.  For a chance to win a pair of these Montecarlo's for yourself, comment below on what you love about Jack Rogers. Send us a tweet (@jackrogersusa & @dallasshaw01) for an extra entry! Good Luck from both of us.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Blonde Moment

My job is unique. Today's project has me seeking images of very high fashion blondes.
Any favorite models or images?

In my home: Bungalow 5

I am in the process of furnishing my new town house so Bungalow 5 has been in my top searches these days. I was seeking out white side tables for the longest time. But, as you know I am "selective", so here were the requirements:
 White (I have brown furniture and like to mix things up)
 Rounded edges (my room is unique in shape. enough said),
 a drawer (must be able hide away my cell phone charger , bobby pins etc at night),
 and preferably a bottom shelf. Just because I love that in a table. More room to display items.
Found what I needed there after a suggestion via twitter- and it's been magic ever since. 
Here, Megan shows us how to simply style my Bunglaow 5 nightstand. 

Books: pieces Inc., Glamour lamp: circa lighting, Candle and coasters: calypso St Barth, Eclectic lamp: arteriors home

here are some photos of my own

 I love the open middle, and shelf on the bottom so I can display my favorite items.
bungalow 5

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Makeup inspiration

Friday, July 22, 2011

During a project last week, I was asked to do a few sketches of a "chic little backpack" ... which got me thinking- can backpacks be chic? I researched and I decided to share some of my finds from this project with you.  Found some cute ones, and they would be such a simple solution for moms on the go, or to bring along on a plane during your next trip.

 I think they'd be perfect for to pack some food in for the park, or a day trip to the zoo...
What are your thoughts? Could you pack any of these up or are you stuck on a traditional purse?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theodora & Callum

It's an artist thing, I always love learning abut where designers find inspiration. Co-founders of Theodora & Callum, Stefani Greenfield and Desiree Gruber, draw their inspiration for the brand from their travels all over the world.
You know I am picky- and I love nearly every single scarf on the site:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Giveaway- from DSW and Dallas Shaw

Sure , I already have a giveaway running this week- but today is a special occasion!!
DSW is celebrating 20 years of shoes, and I am celebrating with them!
You may know this already b/c if you are on the DSW mailing list- I was in your mail ;)
If you go to DSW beginning this week, your gift with purchase is a bag featuring illustrations by yours truly! Such a fun work bag for a fashionista.

 I have 5 bags to giveaway this week! FIVE! And each contains a little gift card
so you can pick up your favorite pair of shoes at DSW
(my Current fav: this MRKT sandal)

Leave a comment below including your current DSW fav to win!
Good luck!

The Simple Life

Sometimes I need a little bit of simplicity in my life. Loving all of the simple, but special products.
valhalla, toast, kooba.
Congrats to Anna, for winning the fresco bag! Have you all entered the birchbox giveaway?
Another giveaway later today!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have a serious love of ballet inspired shoes for baby girls and adult alike.
I came across Anniel this week during a project and had to share as soon as possible.

Let's Design Together

You may remember this post where you all chose two layering rugs for my new office, 
suggested my Meg.
One of the two you chose, from West Elm, is backordered so that left me to seek out a cowhide for layering. I decided to go with a metallic cowhide for the top layer.

Went with one here at a site called Lifestyles by Cara.
The second our other rug arrives I will photograph for you.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Frieda Sophie

I am obsessed with this etsy shop

Giveaway- from Birchbox and Dallas Shaw

I love getting mail. I love trying beauty products.
So, clearly, I love Birchbox.

It costs $10 a month to join , and you receive a curated box of products at your door monthly to test out!
(could be a fun gift to give someone who loves products as much as me and my blog readers do...)
Below is a special edition Birchbox, curated by Cynthia Rowley (another favorite of mine as you know). We are sending one your way in today's contest.

If you are a blog reader, enter to win by visiting the site, and commenting below. 
(As always you get an extra entry for tweeting any link at all on the blog this week... It makes me happy when you spread the love).

Friday, July 15, 2011

My work spotted: The Coveteur

Thank you to Leandra, Jake and the team at The Coveteur
I was happy to see my work pop up there this week and will add this photo
by Jake Rosenberg to the website asap.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


  etsy shop: loovee

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

vintage spoons

I love the idea of keeping unique spoons around for serving desert. For whatever reason, I especially like them surrounded by polka dots. Maybe I'll seek some spotted napkins...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Design Together: Jill Rosenwald

The new office space is moving slower than planned- mostly because the rug you all loved is backordered and the space looks incomplete at this stage, but I would still like to share our next addition to the space with you. We have decided to work with the talented Jill Rosenwald to add a piece to our little workplace.
I have been a long time fan of Jill's work, and will eventually have a piece of hers in every room in my house. After sharing our labels (that you chose) with Jill, she added this piece based on our new marketing.

Here is what we currently have to play with in the new space.
How would you style this vase in an office? On a stack of books? Filled with flowers? thoughts?

Current Items: Layla Grayce Screen , Antique Louis Chair (here, from Senera and Lily), Ikea desk, West elm Rug, Metallic Cowhide, Jill Rosenwald vase, labels deigned by Paper+Cup, Lucite tray by Tilly Maison.