Monday, June 2, 2014

{ new blog }

We've moved!  Please head on over to to see the new and improved Dallas Shaw Blog.  
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{ pink & gold }

Remember that song "Black and Yellow"? After seeing this picture, I think my version would be "Pink & Gold".


Friday, May 30, 2014

{ entry ways }

Entry ways are so important, yet often times neglected.  Spruce yours up by adding a conversation starter table, cool mirror (for that one last look before you run out the door),  and any other cool design elements that just seem "you".

Thursday, May 29, 2014

{ Aire Ancient Baths }

On a recent trip to NYC I ended a 3 day stretch of back-to-back meetings with a visit to Aire Ancient baths, in TriBeCa. One of the perks of my job is that I am often (very often. I can't believe it either.) invited to spas and new venues to enjoy the treatments, and this one is BY FAR my favorite one I have visited yet. It was an experience different from any other spa, which I thought may be intimidating, but turned out to be the most calming trip I've had yet. After changing into your bathing suit (bring your own) and robe, you're brought down into a beautiful candlelit space with a number of bath chambers and left to relax in treatments in whatever order you choose.

-Warm water pool
-Hot water pool
-Cold water pool
-Steam room
-Propeller jet bath
-Salt water pool
-Relaxation room

I began with the floating bath, ice dip (that was kind of crazy but I was following instructions from a friend), followed by the hottest and then to the jet bath, making pit stops for water and also the steam room in between. After my time was up I was given a 15 min massage as well, as if I needed more zen.
I read about the tradition of public baths on their website and I applaud Aire for truly making me feel like I was in a serene candlelit palace.
I have been to a number of beautiful places but no other has been as relaxing as Aire. I was quiet and stress free for the rest of my NYC evening, which is hard to accomplish for me. This is a place I will be going back to again and again and I wanted to share my experience so you know to test it out next time you are in NYC.

Tip: Go alone for ultimate relaxation.

Make sure to click here to book and get yourself some relaxation.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{ TWN: Safari }

Now I may not be heading on Safari this summer (if you are, can I come with?), but doesn't mean I can't dress safari.  Of course any safari outfit needs a great hat and a green jacket.  Glam it up by adding a graphic tee, skirt, and snakeskin heels.  And never ever forget about the accessories and makeup!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{ beach weather}

This week I had an opportunity to work in Rehoboth Beach. I love working near the water, and try to do it once a week if weather permits. 

On this short trip, I hauled my paperwork, sketch pad and pink sunnies to the water packed in my newest travel necessity- the Nena &Co weekender. Warning: if you don't want to speak with strangers, this isn't the bag for you. ;) it was a major distraction to all who came in contact with it, waitresses, beach goers and my clients all ended up with the website in hand after coming up to ask about it. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

{ fan support }

As my company is growing and our social pages have strong followings, I have been introduced to a new group of kind and creative cheerleaders. Since I started drawing and sharing, I've always felt like I have a strong support group online, but lately I have been especially humbled by your notes and creativity. I am in constant awe of the unique way you have all been sharing your support and it inspires me to work harder.

Aside from this weeks' sweet instagram, twitter,  and now facebook messages, I was humbled at the time and talent of these two ladies.
Martina Di Maio, from Italy ( oh haaay fellow italian ) sent me a little FB note showing us an entire PAGE of moodboards she created dedicated to my personal style on polyvore. Oh, and they are well designed too.  

AND remember this pic of my favorite nyfw friends and I headed to Alice and Olivia? Well, Kara Endres illustrated it for me!

As a long time illustrator, I know the time and patience this takes and am just so happy you took the time to send this my way.  It's now proudly displayed in our office.

Any time either of you creative ladies would like to come work with Team Shaw we'll make some room for you in the office. Kelly, get these ladies a key!

Hope all of you will continue the conversation with me here and on social- I have some big changes coming and I'll need your support more than ever. Can't wait to share everything that comes next.

{ Smokey Cat Eye }

Wow wow wow.  This may be the most perfect cat eye I've ever seen.  And not only that, great brows on this girl.  This cat eye not only involves smudgy eyeliner, but shadow is suuuper important.  Peek below at my favorite products to re-create the look for yourself.

And can we find where this necklace is from? Obsessed.

Friday, May 23, 2014

{ Frasier Sterling }

Now I know we all love jewelry, but you know what I love more than jewelry? Discounted jewelry!  Starting this weekend, head over to one of my fave jewelry designers, Frasier Sterling's site and get 35% off all jewels by using the code FSJBABE.

{ gadget style }

Okay so these are all serrrrriously cool.  Hi-tech city over here.  Like that Bluetooth tower belongs in the studio, like now.  And those headphones make me almost want to work out again---wellllll almost.  And they just keep getting better and more futuristic as the list goes on.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

{ Love Always }

If you follow any of my posts at all, you know I love jewelry, especially small pieces that can be layered. I'm looooooving these pieces from Love Always.  You can bet that I'm layering CEO and Dallas at once.  The jewelry can be customized, like mine, but trust they have great necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches, and more.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

{ TWN: Stripes and Florals }

 I love pairing florals and stripes for spring and wanted to share one of my favorite combinations in stores now. I added gold metallic topsiders and Elizabeth and James cat eye shades for my walk, but you can consider adding your own favorites depending on your days agenda. I always love this look with a pair of nude wedges. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

{ Dallas Love's VC }

Did you see our post earlier this morning about our amazing time with Vince Camuto?  So many of you were tweeting and commenting on Insta about my outfit that I thought I'd share.  Here are some of my Vince Camuto faves including the romper I wore, shoes I took home, and perfume I spritzed.

{ Vince Camuto }

I've said it once and I'll say it again, my job takes me to the most amazing places. Last week I was invited to be a part of an event at the Paramus mall with Vince Camuto for Guiliana Rancic's charity "Fab-U-Wish"
I drew original illustrations for tickets holders of my favorites from the new vince camuto collection...and I did some mingling with the stylish guests too. I chose Nonzia Lace Up High Heel, Ombre Gladiator High Heel Sandals, and Omera Sandal - but it was soooo hard to choose. (You probably saw on instagram that I had a hard time choosing. The Ombre Gladiator High Heel Sandals  boots are stunning!)
I met Vince and his lovely wife and also spent some time with the talented and beautiful GR.
I love my job, but these events are the best because I am doing what I love, meeting new people and when it's for a good cause, everything seems even more beautiful.

Monday, May 19, 2014

{ textured locks }

So many times my hair has turned out like this on accident, so I'm thrilled that textured hair has become in, especially in time for summer.  For those of you who can't walk out of the ocean and have your hair look like this (I wish, right?), check out some of my fave products below to help you get the look.

Friday, May 16, 2014

{ bold & beachy }

Can you tell we have beach on the brain?  Spring cleaning is in the mix  and Memorial Day Weekend is quickly approaching--so why not do a little home re-do while you're at it?  Add a ton of color to a white base and make your room feel like it's beach season all year long.

And if you purchase the Rattan Chair, can we come over and swing on it?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

{ facebook }

So a while back I went to Facebook NY HQ to film for their new Face to Face video interview series with the super fashionable Debra Bednar.  I've been sooo excited to tell you everything about the visit and I haven't stopped gushing about how great the people and office are at Facebook.  I got to sign THE FACEBOOK WALL, tour the offices, and shoot some hoops.  Thanks to Jason (@picturejason on  Instagram and Flickr) for snapping the pics.

So here it premiere of the 1st Facebook Face to Face video.

 Oh what's that you say?  We have a BRAND NEW Facebook page of our own, so please head on over there and tell me how much you like me, you really like me.

{ Dallas Shaw Facebook Page }