Thursday, May 29, 2014

{ Aire Ancient Baths }

On a recent trip to NYC I ended a 3 day stretch of back-to-back meetings with a visit to Aire Ancient baths, in TriBeCa. One of the perks of my job is that I am often (very often. I can't believe it either.) invited to spas and new venues to enjoy the treatments, and this one is BY FAR my favorite one I have visited yet. It was an experience different from any other spa, which I thought may be intimidating, but turned out to be the most calming trip I've had yet. After changing into your bathing suit (bring your own) and robe, you're brought down into a beautiful candlelit space with a number of bath chambers and left to relax in treatments in whatever order you choose.

-Warm water pool
-Hot water pool
-Cold water pool
-Steam room
-Propeller jet bath
-Salt water pool
-Relaxation room

I began with the floating bath, ice dip (that was kind of crazy but I was following instructions from a friend), followed by the hottest and then to the jet bath, making pit stops for water and also the steam room in between. After my time was up I was given a 15 min massage as well, as if I needed more zen.
I read about the tradition of public baths on their website and I applaud Aire for truly making me feel like I was in a serene candlelit palace.
I have been to a number of beautiful places but no other has been as relaxing as Aire. I was quiet and stress free for the rest of my NYC evening, which is hard to accomplish for me. This is a place I will be going back to again and again and I wanted to share my experience so you know to test it out next time you are in NYC.

Tip: Go alone for ultimate relaxation.

Make sure to click here to book and get yourself some relaxation.

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Kathrine Eldridge said...

What a beautiful and tranquil place! Great pics.