Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiffany Chou

Rachel introduced me to the work of the Tiffany Chou last week and I am so glad she did. People who know me best know that I love everything nautical chic. This Maui inspired work is so delicate. I'd be happy to add a piece to my growing jewelry collection.

Let's Design Together: Meganthology

Megan F works with me closely. Although she is not here in DE, I consider her my interior designer. I turn to her for blog ideas, and also lots of questions about our in-progress office. This week, when I thought it would be a good idea to seek a rug for the space, I went straight to Megan.

She sent me this photo above as inspiration. I love the idea of layering, well, anything- 
so this idea seems perfect. Here are Megan's layering notes.
Please help us choose a rug for this space by leaving your thoughts on the rugs above- but also additional thoughts if you have other ideas that you love! (I was toying with the idea of a faux cowhide in my living room, which connects to my office so I'm just a little up in the air)

Friday, May 27, 2011


I recently stumbled onto the Lollia website and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of the scents there. Has anyone tried these? I love the extra tall bubble bath bottles. They would look so lovely lined up side by side on a wooden tray in my bathroom.

And the pretty packaging on these perfumes- shown here in "imagine" and "inspire".
Perfect gifts for every creative gal I know.

aerin lauder

  There are only few people who I can truly say are a heavy influence on my work. One of those people who has influenced me heavily is Aerin Lauder. Specifically because her personal style carries over to her creations- something that I try to do every day now.

Just have to say- When I saw the gold flecks in the extravagant berry & extravagant red
lipstick  thought to myself: if I was a lipstick this would be me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

emma hope

First of all, congrats to Alicia, who won the Loren Hope necklace. Another giveaway coming at you Wednesday.

Its so hard to find cute flats. They are either too plain or too... flat.
 I love these at Emma Hope.


I love the idea of displaying your jewelry and perfume. It's such a great way to embrace your personal style in your home. Here are some beautiful options.

Perfectly placed perfume on a mirrored tray

Your favorite pieces of jewelry, placed neatly- or not so neatly.

Accessories become "easily accessible" when they are placed into a simple white tray.

Special trinkets in vintage bowls and goblets.

How do you display your favorite objects around the vanity? I'd love to know.
All photos- rue.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The sun is finally here! Get out your maxi dresses.

If trends are just too confusing for you:



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's Design Together: Paper Cup Design

Last week Layla Grayce was kind enough to help suggest what our first office piece should be. The screen has just arrived- but the office, still pretty empty. This week m Minhee at Paper Cup design helps us choose the new office labels. 
Here are a few Minhee and I like- please help us choose which wrap-around labels to use by commenting on which you think looks the best? (Read the notes below- I hope you are all visual people!!! )
Cream trim, signature in Metallic gold, black letters, Papaya envelope
Address will be written in black.

Cream envelope, white labels trimmed in gray, gold signature, black letters.
Address would be written in Papaya or hot pink!

Cream envelope, double trimmed coral on a white label , sig and letters in black.
Address would additionally be in black.

cream envelope, bright papaya/pink trim, gold signature , black letters.
Address would be written in gold. Possibly a matching gold liner?

Monday, May 23, 2011


Quick! Go change your outfit!


These rugs, from Matta ny, have something special to them. I love the metallic touches that are woven in. Now I just need to decide on a color.

Do you have any favorites for simple rugs with with a touch of something special?

Friday, May 20, 2011

a pretty mix...

Just sharing a few photos I came across while working.
Today, I am working on a project involving shoes- lots of them. 
Nice way to end a work week.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

88 Gallery

my favs today at 88 Gallery
ps) congrats to Christina, won won the Physique 57 dvd!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

personal style

Saw this at the Selby. It oozes personal style.

Giveaway- from Loren Hope Designs and Dallas Shaw

Thank you for comments below yesterday. I have always felt confident that the people who read this blog have good taste, but now more I'm confident than ever. Gold screen from Layla Grayce: ordered. Will post results when it's here!! Can't wait!

Ever since this post, people have been asking me where to get coral statement pieces for the summer that are fun, upscale, and eye catching in color.  Loren Hope Designs is full of bold, beautiful handcrafted pieces.
 Pictured above is a small selection of beauties you'll find at Loren Hope Designs. It gets better. By leaving a comment below on which piece of jewelry at Loren Hope Designs fits your personal style best, you are entered to win the Ella necklace in coral (below).

Good Luck. Thank you so much for reading along and for your constant support.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's Design Together

Today, we are deciding on our very first piece to the office so I hope my most stylish readers are viewing this post!!
My art career is growing and changing and my small team and I will need a new space to work. We will be designing a new office space one piece at a time (literally) and tracking it here for you so that you can all give your design input. It will also be a great way for anyone reading to decorate your own home space right along with us.
 We are beginning with only a desk and chair and leaving the first addition up to Wendy , from Layla Grayce.

  Which piece did you think should be added to the space first and why?
"A folding screen. First thought upon seeing the office space was there is a beautiful desk but a very lonely wall standing behind it. The screen, if placed slightly off center to the left, can mask the light switch. To balance the screen off to the right we envision either a single large or grouping of Dallas’ talent, her framed artwork or perhaps a dress form with one of her favorite designs or fashion pieces she’s collected. A quick way to ground the desk and add dimension, was to incorporate a decorative element like the screen. We also like the versatility that it provides as it can be moved to another wall or corner space if she wants to later shift things around."

 What are the functions this piece can serve in the office? 
Mainly decorative and space-defining.

Looks like a screen it is! Do you have a favorite of the screens above? I LOVE the gold screen (it's by arteriors). Please leave your thoughts below- and we'll share which screen we pick up from Layla Grayce shortly!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Anna Maria Horner

makeup inspiration - Magenta for Monday


I have never really loved Magenta lipstick, until I saw this photo. 

Friday, May 13, 2011


images from one of my fav offices. 

I have been dying to share with you a new project that I'll be documenting on the blog! Because of recent projects with dkny, jack rogers, shopbop, shopstyle, kate spade (and lots more),  I'll be expanding the business this year! There are 4 large projects currently in the works and I hope each one brings me closer to all of you who have been following so closely.
Since I'll be spending even more hours than ever in my home office, I have decided to redecorate from square one- but only with your help. Beginning next week I'll be decorating the office (weekly) one piece at a time and sharing it with you. I hope that in addition you will share your input, ideas, links and visions b/c oddly enough I trust the style of my clients and blog readers.
We will begin with only one chair and one desk . Cannot wait to see what our first piece will be! Please help me decide what to choose next week on Tues- b/c if it's not chic, I'll need to move again.