Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reiko Kaneko

 I was just reviewing the new catalog at Reiko Kaneko and I thought I would share with you. 
I buy so many white ceramic pieces for my home, but when buying I am looking for pieces that have that something special. Each of her pieces would fit that order.


The new picks are here at fifteen-nineteen! Has everyone here subscribed? You'll only get emails and news if you have subscribed- plus I'd be heartbroken if you didn't.  Hoping that you will all love it and also share with friends. I need some help spreading the word on this new site so feel free to like, link, & tweet! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Giveaway- from ssense and Dallas Shaw

Recently I visited the website ssense, (promounced like "essence", and I can tell you that I will be visiting again soon. I love their selection of jewelry best, and I'll be buying these heels for sure.
This week, ssense is giving one reader of our blog a $100 gift card! 

To enter simply like ssense on facebook here and leave a comment below letting us know you have done so! (want an extra entry? share this contest on twitter! )

Friday, January 27, 2012

alison conklin photography

 Recently, I got to catch up with friend, and super-talent, Alison Conklin for brunch at a local diner. 
(I know, all of my friends are talented! It's a burden. )
She sent over a few photos from the day and I love them so much I thought I would share with you.

 I promise you that every time I get photos from her they are beyond my wildest expectations.
Her sense of composition and color amazes me every time.
If you are in need a photographer with a really good eye- this is your girl. 

She took the photo's for my new website and I cannot WAIT to show you. It launches soon!
You can email and see more of her work here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


While working on last week's fifteen-nineteen moodboard, I was busy searching for all things cozy. In January and February I find myself wanting to stay inside more than usual, so I try to make my home as welcoming as possible. 
Add some extra pillows to encourage a relaxing evening in front of the television. Here are my favorites, mix them in with the ones you already have for a more effortless feel, and a more practical price.
west elm, pinterest (here is a similar diy), dransfeildandross ostrich pillow,  horchow, etsy

also, I spotted a nice felt pillow, similar to the west elm above at target yesterday.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alyssa Norton

I know you just saw this bracelet in a previous post, but I am posting it again, b/c I just love it. 

And after some research, it turns out I love all of Alyssa Norton's beautifully woven work.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dallas Shaw & Poppin

Big news today!

The time has come! The Dallas Shaw bundle is now available at Poppin
For a limited time. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

this color...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The handwoven cashmere shawl reads " and the sky is always blue" in mongolian. ;)

a peace treaty

Available at Need Supply

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As most of you know, I own an illustration business, but in addition to that I do style picks for publications. I have even been hired to do some style consulting here and there for companies. Last year I decided that I'd like to bring these services to you somehow. Some of you may have received the announcement in your email. I hope you will support , subscribe and spread the word.

It has been a labor of love and I am so proud to announce the launch of fifteen-nineteen. A new site, in which I'll be sending you inspiration through changing mood boards. Readers can do what they like with it- get inspired to try a new look, or shop the look from the collection. If you'd like to share the site on your own blog, please let us know if we can provide you any information.

I hope if you enjoy it that you'll subscribe, and share with your friends. Dying to see what you think- so hope you'll visit it today: http://fifteen-nineteen.com/

I will of course be continuing the blog, twitter, pinterest and Facebook pages b/c I really enjoy meeting and interacting with so many readers. I have said it once, and I'll say it again, no one has more stylish readers. Thanks as always for the support.

3 Giveaways- from Felix Doolittle and Dallas Shaw

As you probably remember from my last post (and my pins..and my tweets...) I fell for Felix Doolittle return address labels.  I send so many different shapes and sizes of artwork, along with thank you cards and notes in the mail so I grabbed a set of these Felix Doolittle labels for all of my shipments and I am so happy with them.
Felix Doolittle contacted me not long after that to say they are fans of the blog (so fun!) and that they want to give 3 blog readers the chance the choose their own set of return address labels! There are SO many to choose from. 

To enter, visit Felix Doolittle and leave a comment below on which labels you like!
(For an extra entry, send a little tweet about this contest or blog)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

makeup inspiration

Saw this look at Glamour and wanted to share.
Get a similar look these products: cle de peau, nars illuminator, & terry

playing dress up

Friday, January 13, 2012

Maria Duenas Jacobs

  Newest girl crush: Maria Duenas Jacobs. 
Thank you Maria for inspiring us all to wear more prints.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Heidi Merrick

You know I love a good rainbow-colored collection.
Heidi Merrick is past client of mine, and I am lucky to say that I own a few of her pieces. We are always catching up here and there via email, and I anxiously wait for collection after collection. 

When I visited her site last week, I began scrambling to check my budget. I love every piece as much as the next, and cannot WAIT until it is available.

Kid Friendly, Royal Mint

Have you EVER seen anything so cute? If I was a kiddo I'd love to have two
"bad ass alley cats" tucked away on my windowsill.
Best part? The artist can even make custom pet portraits! Pippen and Percy, get your order ready! 

(Obviously if giving as a gift make sure little guys are old enough to play with them safely).

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ssense jeans

During Jan, and Feb, when we dream about vacation-wear, but are stuck in the cold, it's easy to get into a clothing rut, turning to our favorite denim and most comfy flat boots daily.
I am always inspired to mix it up when I visit ssense. I love their pairing ideas, especially when it comes to bottoms. Khaki denim with brown booties? Yes. Black pants with royal blue heels? Will do.
 I hope you can check it out for some wardrobe inspiration.

Giveaway- from Dear Andi and Dallas Shaw

Watch Bands. I love them. The older the better. I find that I wear watches more for the color of the band than checking time. I have bands in every color- neon yellow, pink, gold, black, silver... 
I like to think of the watch band as just another bracelet.

Recently I discovered the watch band bracelets made by liz teich on her blog. I am giving away two of her darling watch band bracelets (two, b/c they look SO good stacked) to twitter followers this week! And you can enter multiple times!! woot!

Many ways to enter:
1) Follow me on twitter , and leave a note that you follow here.

2) Follow Liz on Twitter, and leave a note that you follow here.
 and/ or
3) Tweet this giveaway, just link the blog! You can tweet once a day (until contest end of Jan 18th)

winner of the shabby apple LBD will be announced later today!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Saw this photo at The Proper Stranger today.
 A reminder that classic, simple staples always look good.

As holiday sales end, and spring clothes cover the racks FAR too early, I find that in stores I am being drawn to yellow. Not mustard. Not primary yellow. But a Bright, neon, almost lime shade of yellow.
Too early for this...but I suspect I'll be wearing this color sometime in the near future.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Obsessed with this modern cat eye look I saw in Harpers Bazaar.
i WILL be trying this (and will report back).

Friday, January 6, 2012

 I'll admit, I didn't know very much about Red Valentino until this am. But I just love the playful cocktail dresses. Here is just about everything you need to know:

Love when someone looks like they just-woke-up-that-way. Spotted this photo on pinterest.

playing dress up

Speaking of lbd's do you have a favorite? I love this one (Red Valentino) because it's playful with a simple silhouette (plus who doesn't love a swiss dot, right?). 
If you have a favorite black cocktail dress please share the link below- I am searching for the perfect one for a new drawing. I'll tweet any others I find today if any make the cut ;)
dress, bag, shoes

Thursday, January 5, 2012


a little announcement...

You can now follow via facebook.
As if the blog, pinterest, and twitter aren't enough.

Please "like" and share with any stylish friends you know!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giveaway- from Shabby Apple and Dallas Shaw

A black dress. A Staple in every wardrobe.
I have countless in my closet, and I tend to buy more casual materials b/c you can dress 
them upand down and wear them during all seasons. 
The one above right is by Old Navy and is only $20 (you're welcome), and the one below is free.

This week I have teamed up with Shabby Apple to give you my favorite black women's dress 
on the website.
To enter, you must "like" shabby apple on Facebook, and then leave a comment below letting us know you did so. If you like anything else there, use the code dillydallas10off to receive a discount.

Contest ends next week. Good luck!

Jane By Design

Recently, the ABC Family team invited me to be a part of the Jane By Design Style challenge, to celebrate their new show which aired last night. Just after I was invited to participate, I went to Florida for some time. So, here are the rest of the challenges! Hope you enjoy them. (If you do, please let abc family know via twitter #jbdstylechallenge.
 In round 4, I was given a holiday sweater and asked to make it into something a bit more pleasing to the eye. I decided to cozy everything in my house.

In Round 5, I was asked to take a white button down from work to play. I chose to layer it for work and let it stand out during a night out (very chic). I love a white button down as a layering essential.

In round 6 , I chose to show off some some simple home-styling ideas. I was instructed to get inspired by a bag of pretzels. (I know right?) But, I immediately I thought of a set of vintage cake trays I have that seem as if they are lined in pretzel shapes. Thought it would be nice to how you have to grab some around the house items for a simple kitchen display.

 Round 7: a moodboard inspired by Jane herself. Enjoy! 
(abc family will be featuring one reader of the winning blog on their website, 
so if you enjoy my entries please tweet them #jbdstylechallenge!!)

Stay tuned- giveaway later today!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Walt Disney World

Happy New Year! I been in Walt Disney World since Christmas and just returned home last night.
I spend alot of time there as some of you know, but what many of you don't know is that the reason I am so attached to the place is because I grew up there.

When I was young I wrote a letter to the head animator and asked for a job. To make a long story short, after visiting yearly as a child, I worked there in college and lived there for years. I worked in the animation building just before beginning my business in art/fashion. Many clients tell me my fashion illustrations have a sort of whimsy to them- I credit this to what I learned from Disney.

castle photo taken on my iphone last week, quote and artwork via pinterest.