Friday, January 30, 2009

Have a good one!

Have a great weekend everyone! Just a quick little note before I get back to work- if you can't afford a Shaw original...maybe you can now? I am going to post only fashion illustration over at art garage sale, so if you get a chance , have a visit. Everything is really inexpensive- what a great little site. Original vintage will always be at etsy for you. Winner posted monday for our little free art contest- hope you all had a great week! (Thanks for your emails this week everyone! Love you and your support)

Dallas Shaw at Apartment Therapy....?

Sort of! Yesterday one of my client's homes was featured on Apartment Therapy , and guess who's artwork showed up in the house tour! Hooray! The home belongs to the chic Jeanine. This painting is so cool because the yellow top is oil paint, while the rest is acrylic. It was the first that I had done like this, and now many of my paintings have touches of oil paint in them. I am so proud so see how she displayed it! Hooray!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

some thoughts for today

Two quick thanks to the stylish MaryJo for featuring my SSQ print and to a new fav christine for featuring another print as well! (Looking forward to working with you Christine!)
I have been introduced to so many talented artists this year who inspire me to get better at what I do. This photo is by Katlyn - I'm stopping by here daily to see here what she sees.

This are looking up each week on my end. The move was rough but now that we are settled in I am back to work. I have a nice little week left before it should get a little crazy so I've been working n my illustration. I have a thought that I could use some feedback on. My paintings sell at a few different prices (Vintage collection @ $200 framed and matted, customs canvases range between 800-2800 on size). I am wondering, Do you think I should put my illustrations on etsy @ $40. They would be really inexpensive. Maybe one a day. Would people by illustrations? I have been using etsy primarily as a showcase and I sell mostly through my website- but maybe this would help people afford an original? They would be unframed, but still signed. Like the one below...and really beautiful.
Thoughts? Need you thoughts.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to dress like an Olsen

There is quite a blogger buzz about dressing like a french women. Not for this girl. If it were up to me, this year the world would take a tip from the Olsens. I love them and I don't care what anyone says. They constantly inspire me with their amazing fashion sense. Yay for Michelle Tanner. AND you'll never guess where I found all of these photos that made me clean out my closet... Kayne's blog. (Thanks for the tip MaryJo!)
Have fun being inspired:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

working working working

Your amazing words had me hard at work yesterday. Since the new stuff is at the photographers'...and at the printer it leaves me to work on my illustration skillz. Today I brushed up on my fashion illos. Apparently I am longing for spring...and she is longing for a gold frame don't you think?

Monday, January 26, 2009

from me- to you. Thanks

wow! What a cool day. One hundred so-sweet readers are following the art blog. I just want to say a huge thank you from the bottom bottom bottom of my heart. I got to go full time with my artwork this year, and I started this little page to share what was inspiring me daily. Thought no one would even look in its direction or at my work- Thanks so much. Your words keep me working harder every day.
To say thank you- I'd love to send you a little piece of artwork! All you need to do is comment below....and you'll receive a sweet surprise from me in the mail. Also leave your email address if you don't have a blog so that I can reach you. I'll draw a number later in the week.
If you don't already follow, feel free to jump on board to keep me motivated. I really appreciate your support!

photo cred

Sunday, January 25, 2009

yeah I like them

So I think I'm going to paint one. These old school tellies are cool. I think they would be sweet for a kids room, or a modern bedroom maybe. I just like them. I'm not going to fight it any longer. They are all so darn cute- how do you choose one?
pedlars, oldphoneworks, domino

Friday, January 23, 2009

my future space

as I am stuck in this tiny apt, I collect images for my new office. Which half sucks/ but is half kind of cool (I'm optimistic) b/c it assures me that y next office space will be perfect. I have decided already that all of my office accessories will be gold (stapler, pens, etc ) . And I think that the majority of the space will be white.
One room I was drawn to was Jenna Lyons. Saw part of her studio space in domino and I love the large white windows , the dark weathered floors and the striped carpet. I think my desk could look good here, and that my tees could fit nicely on a simple rack.
Since I can't officially moce all this into my space I bought these great shoes as a reminder of my future! mmm.
I'm off to pick up some chanel nail polish for someone who has been sweet to me. xo
Have a good weekend- don't forget to enter the CONTEST below!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

inking day

Today I am inking up the tee shirts for 09. Most everything is finalized, but I decided to change a few of the designs to be more minimal. So I'm inking them up and sending them over today. Got all of my sweeeet inking skills from my peeps over at the Disney Design Group. I worked there briefly.
busy day...and without coffee! More later!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Big day today. We should remember to embrace change long after the day passes. Prints in the etsy shop.
(Also today visit here to show your creative side and support! )

Monday, January 19, 2009

seeing stripes

How are people feeling about this new trend? I like it , I do. And alot of stripes are even turning up in my work lately. But every time I buy a striped top- I wear it once and then it seems to get pushed into the depths of my closet. I kind of like these choices those. They would look great for a grocery run, of just a walk in the park. With some great denim and maybe a metallic belt at or around the waist to spice things up, I think I could get down with a striped shirt again.... You think?
(ps- check out the post below and enter to win!)

, alexa chung, forever 21, newlook, jcrew

CONTEST!!! Thru Friday!! ;)

the lovely Blair at emailed me to invite you readers to a join the fun at the Spring 09 season of Shecky's girls Night out. You can gather up your girlfriends and go out for a night of cocktails, to see new emerging designers, great beauty services and best of all you get a great goodie bag on the way in. Who doesn't love swag?!

Check out below to see the events near you:
Phila- feb 24th-26th
Dallas- feb 25-26th
Boston -march 3-5th
Houston- march 4-5th

NYC- March 11-14th
Chicago Mar 18-20th
washington , d.c.- apr 23-25th
atlanta- may 6-7th
san diego - may 14th
LosAngeles-may 20-21st
san francisco- june 17-18th
miami- apr 30th- may 1st
las vegas -summer 09

Blair, is providing 5 readers of the blog 2 famous goodie bag tickets to the event of your choice! (10 tix total up for grabs) You can check out more here and even become a shecky's insider for some fashion tips.

If you'd love to go for free- you have until Friday to comment below. I'm checking out the Philly event and will be sure to post some cool pix! Good Luck- xo

Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was productive. Cold and really sunny- if you don't go out there you won't realize how freezing it really is. I am not sharing the entire collection of custom canvases until it's finished - so none of it is on the site. But I have to say so far I'm very proud of the way it looks. Half of it is extremely feminine and fashion driven, and the other half is perfectly retro modern. Really fun. Today I worked on one of those pieces. I got up way before the sun came up and got my hazelnut ready, listened to the voice of ernie halter and got to work.
What I have now is something perfect to go in the room of a fun loving couple someday. Two custom canvases that read "schlemiel, schelmazel", yes like the beginning of the show...
The best definition I have found yet to describe the words: A schlemiel is the person who walks to the top of the ladder with a bucket of paint, the schlemazel is the person who gets the paint dropped on him.
I think it would be so cute over the bed of modern newlyweds!
oh- see you Monday for a contest! whoo! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My name is Dallas, and I have a problem

I spend way too much money on makeup. In a dream life I could be a beauty editor and test out tons of product b/c essentially I do that- but I don't get paid for it. I love makeup, b/c I'm an artist and I HAVE to have the perfect color and I become obsessed. I will buy every product until I find the right one, and then I move onto the next thing I need. Well, other creatives, or just makeup obsessed fashionistas, I have to share that after years of searching I have found the perfect nude lipliner.
You read magazine after magazine telling you this is a must have under every shade- even red! But then finding the shade that matches your lips...that's another story. I tried chanel, nars, stila, clinique...every brand in the book but they were either too brown, too chalky or left the inevitable "line". Yeah you know what I mean.
I finally came across the perfect one for me and wanted to share in case others of you have spent hundreds of dollars as well. Bobbi Brown , tulle brown, and it comes with the perfect sharpener so you don't need to make another trip when it dulls! love.
both images bobbi brown cosmetics

oh boy!!

They are here! 9, count em, 9- limited edition prints by yours truly over at the shiny squirrel. AND I made the front page! whoooo! So excited about these. My favorites are the geek chic glasses, which - by the way- were designed last year NOT this week. It seems like this week is glasses week around here.
But , I made them in 3 colors. Love those. Please show your love and go check them out. If those aren't your thing you can still head on over to Little Paper Planes and scoop up some of my prints there.
Love you all, I'm off to paint.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

busy bee

Yesterday was a bit of an "off" day for me, but today I'm back! And at work on a gazillion projects for 09. Seriously. Not much to say today except for I cannot wait to share with everyone- the new stuff is a-ma-zing. Here is a sneak-a-leek.

Monday, January 12, 2009

tee fashion

So a couple of great things.
1) I hit over 300 people that heart me on etsy. Which is nothing compared to some of these crafters, but being that I just make the big 2-0-0 post things are progressing nicely over there. Confetti!
2) I have been working feverishly on new work. New canvases are being stowed away, new note cards are being designed and put in files everywhere and also an entire new tee shirt line. Lots of designs- men and women.
I was chatting with a few of the models for this new line this week and we were saying how we aren't really tee shirt people- which is exactly the reason why I am deigning these new tees. They will be more minimal than the first set, all on alternative apparel shirts and the artwork will still be k.a.
So, we started chatted, what can you wear the new tees with. Here is my suggestion.
Love these little short bubble skirts- tucked in, they make your legs look really long. Add some fabulous heels and you can actually wear a tee shirt out again! Goodbye ripped jeans!
newlook, topshop, monkigirl,
topshop, jcrew, jcrew

Sunday, January 11, 2009

i know but...

I know it's the weekend but she's giving away my stuff! Go win it!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dallas Shaw for Oliver Peoples?

Not quite.
I have been searching high and low for the perfect pair of geek chic glasses and as a huge supporter of Oliver Peoples I decided if I was going to did it- I would do it right with a pair from Peoples. I have a new photo shoot coming up soon and thought the large vintage style frame would be perfect. A huge thank you to my new friends at O.P. for helping me find what I thought would be just right for the upcoming shoot... but when they arrived they were just huge.
Before shedding a tear, and shipping them back to my new friends, I decided to test the bells and whistles on my new camera to see if they would photograph well. Unfortunately the glasses were still large on my tiny head- but check out the photo that makes me look spray tanned AND like my hair is blowing in a beyonce video! whoo! Wonder if it was those glasses after all?!
Fun setting. This style didn't work. I'm going to try out the Lukas style. I'll let you know how they look. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

it's bliss!

We know her, we love love love her. I darling e-friend to me as I began my little art blog is Traci. We know her as Mrs. French, of the popular blog Bliss, and we like her her just that way. I have to tell you the truth here. I really feel that there are far too many people people running blogs that have poor taste, and some of the very same people tend to have alot of readers. (Maybe that says something about america?) But not the case when it comes to Ms French and her readers- her picks are simple and very chic in an effortless way. When we found out we owned a few of the same items I felt my eye was sharp that week.
Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my favorite images from her etsy page and tell you a bit about about our friend and her photography. She currently uses a Nikon d80 after a little accident with a d40x (mabel)- for those of you in the camera market. Here is what she says about finding insiration in her hometown.

" I find inspiration everywhere! I think I live in one of the most inspirational areas of the world. Portland is such a cool city, the gray skies are an added bonus for me. Oregon is amazing, mountains coastline, amazing vegetation...magical! I also find inspiration through my son, he inspires me everyday. Finally, I am addicted to exploring the work of others...through etsy, flickr, blogs...etc. If your surround yourself with beauty you can't help but capture it."

I love that. French has a great sense of style and says that style should be effortless which shows in her picks throughout the week- but especially in her Monday picks, which I never miss. She swears she doesn't think about those picks but just bookmarks those babies! If you haven't checked this out- which I know you have- please do.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

etsy makeover!

My etsy shop got a makeover today. Hope you'll visit. :) 41 items are on sale. If you are purchasing a custom canvas you just email The new prints will be at the etsy page shortly! eeeek!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ooh thank you!

A quick thank you today to the fabulous capree for writing about me on her blog. She is aready linked to me but if you haven't read her yet- here she is: My adventure is your advantage, And she's too darn cute!
Over the break, the lovely, and talented, Beth of TreChic Organizing sent over these photos of how she used my tags this holiday. I love seeing photos of the work when it is out of my hands! These are adorable. So simple - just how they were dreamed up to used. Hope you are all using them the same way. (More cute notes coming this year! Already photographed and can't wait to show them off to you!)
You can get your own set of deer doilies or deer tags here. enjoy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

better in 09

Back to work after a nice break- possibly the longest I have had this year! Every year I get bombarded with people asking me what my new year's resolution is. Well, it's the same every year and has been for a while now: To Be Better. I goes a little something like this: If you promise to just take yourself and do all of the things you already do- but better- and you do this every year just think of all of the improvements you will have made as you age. Every year I become a little more earth friendly, a little bit better a cook, healthier, a little bit more stylish and even more organized. But just a little- making one giant resolution would have me back to normal in a month.
I have new projects under way for 09 already and am so excited to share! I hope you will all enjoy them. It was actually pretty easy to get back to work after the hardest decision I had to make all week was what color nail polish to wear to the party?!
Welcome back to work creatives!!!
elle, realsimple