Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ooh thank you!

A quick thank you today to the fabulous capree for writing about me on her blog. She is aready linked to me but if you haven't read her yet- here she is: My adventure is your advantage, And she's too darn cute!
Over the break, the lovely, and talented, Beth of TreChic Organizing sent over these photos of how she used my tags this holiday. I love seeing photos of the work when it is out of my hands! These are adorable. So simple - just how they were dreamed up to used. Hope you are all using them the same way. (More cute notes coming this year! Already photographed and can't wait to show them off to you!)
You can get your own set of deer doilies or deer tags here. enjoy!


Rachel said...

They look great on the packages!!!

Abbie, Syncopation said...

I wish I was that crafty!

Holly said...

she nailed it. looks great!