Thursday, January 29, 2009

some thoughts for today

Two quick thanks to the stylish MaryJo for featuring my SSQ print and to a new fav christine for featuring another print as well! (Looking forward to working with you Christine!)
I have been introduced to so many talented artists this year who inspire me to get better at what I do. This photo is by Katlyn - I'm stopping by here daily to see here what she sees.

This are looking up each week on my end. The move was rough but now that we are settled in I am back to work. I have a nice little week left before it should get a little crazy so I've been working n my illustration. I have a thought that I could use some feedback on. My paintings sell at a few different prices (Vintage collection @ $200 framed and matted, customs canvases range between 800-2800 on size). I am wondering, Do you think I should put my illustrations on etsy @ $40. They would be really inexpensive. Maybe one a day. Would people by illustrations? I have been using etsy primarily as a showcase and I sell mostly through my website- but maybe this would help people afford an original? They would be unframed, but still signed. Like the one below...and really beautiful.
Thoughts? Need you thoughts.


Jenny Sue Jewelry said...

wish those tags were on all my shirts, because some days you just need reminding.

Marco Crupi said...

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Di Overton said...

I think it's a great way of making your art more accessible and maybe it will tempt people to go up the price scale and buy a canvas or vintage piece. Go for it! Good Luck

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a beautiful little reminder...i agree with Jenny Sue!

Anonymous said...

Very cool tags.:)xoxo

trove said...

Love your blog! Added you on my blog roll so all can see! Thanks for the comment!

Add TROVE to your blog roll!

Dheyzhere said...

Luv your sketches..hehe


Light and Writing said...

I think having the illustrations on etsy is a great idea. They are really fun, feminine and so lovely (obviously : ))and it would be fantastic to buy a signed original. Perfect for the framing! p.s. love the one of the blue boots and dog on the side bar!

emily said...

I'd love to buy your illustrations on etsy. I'm too poor (aka in college) to buy a painting, but having an illustration would be lovely. Maybe start with just a few to get your toes wet? I love that etsy's made art more accessible to everyone.

Unknown said...

This is a hard one. I guess it depends on what part of the market you are trying to carve out for yourself and how dedicated you are to it. Maybe the affordable prints would be okay to add. I would check out how some of the bigger more established illustrator names handle it and then weigh it out. Hope that helps!

xo Mary Jo