Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jane By Design

Recently, the ABC Family team invited me to be a part of the Jane By Design Style challenge, to celebrate their new show which aired last night. Just after I was invited to participate, I went to Florida for some time. So, here are the rest of the challenges! Hope you enjoy them. (If you do, please let abc family know via twitter #jbdstylechallenge.
 In round 4, I was given a holiday sweater and asked to make it into something a bit more pleasing to the eye. I decided to cozy everything in my house.

In Round 5, I was asked to take a white button down from work to play. I chose to layer it for work and let it stand out during a night out (very chic). I love a white button down as a layering essential.

In round 6 , I chose to show off some some simple home-styling ideas. I was instructed to get inspired by a bag of pretzels. (I know right?) But, I immediately I thought of a set of vintage cake trays I have that seem as if they are lined in pretzel shapes. Thought it would be nice to how you have to grab some around the house items for a simple kitchen display.

 Round 7: a moodboard inspired by Jane herself. Enjoy! 
(abc family will be featuring one reader of the winning blog on their website, 
so if you enjoy my entries please tweet them #jbdstylechallenge!!)

Stay tuned- giveaway later today!!!


MrJeffery said...

you did really clever, pretty things!

travelkate said...

I love what you creative, but that is to be expected from someone as talented as you :)