Thursday, March 20, 2014

{ express part one }

Next week in nyc I am hosting an event with Express. Oh and Robin Thicke is performing.
And you should come and hang out with all of us.
Don't worry I'll be posting info for you on this but first wanted to share that I'm wearing express above!

I popped in to grab a few must-haves for the event trip and thought I'd share some favorites with you this week. I started with a high-waisted full skirt and paired it with a mesh cut crop top- which just brushes the top of the skirt. Over that I wore a thin bomber jacket in black (it was unseasonably warm in nyc above so it's in my arm here). Then I picked up these shoes in white/camel and I have a feeling you'll be seeing alot of these on me.
I wanted to keep this look simple so I'm jewelry free- weird for me but the shades were a fun accessory.
Hope you love. Links below! Happy shopping!

Doors open at 7 with chances to win gift cards, giveaways, and other special prizes all night.  Express. Robin Thicke. Prizes.
See you there NYC.

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