Monday, March 17, 2014

{ bangs, liner, & lips }

Ok, SO I don't have bangs, whatever.

But is a look fun to try and if you have bangs, then, bonus points for you. A heavy liner is key here. Use a liquid instead of a gel or pencil for this. I like maybelline's master precise liner. I've tried countless ink liners and this is a favorite because it stays put all day. Go with black and skip the liner on the bottom, an ash brown shadow to bottom lids will be just fine. You'll want your skin to be matte so bare minerals ready foundation will work nicely.  Swipe on your favorite mascara, a dusting of beige blush for depth and warmth if needed and then a brilliant red to your lips (marc jacobs' classic red is perfection).  The piecey ponytail here is key to making this look feel modern. Add a bit of texturizing spray ( holly at salon 828 just introduced me to kerastatse powder bluff so I'm trying that out this week) and give it a good mess before pulling it back.

tips: You can pair this look with lace and pastels just as long as you keep your hair a bit on the edgy side. Ringlets in that ponytail won't be a good match.

Want to try the full look? Links below. Happy shopping.

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Unknown said...

The perf look! So stylish and chic!