Friday, April 1, 2011

Kelly Wearstler

 I have a few people who I look to in the fashion industry and I am happy to say that I have met most of the people I admire most  Jenna Lyons, Kelly Cutrone... I love my job.
I can now keep up with one of the people that I hope to work with sometime , and have not met, Kelly Wearstler. You can keep up with her interior design travels via her blog My Vibe my Life.


Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

Always great to be pointed in the direction of fabulous people and blogs. Thanks!

So cool that you have met many of those who inspire you. Not many can say the same.

Sophisticated Steps

Kori said...

Wow... Your post would be perfect for our link up today for Fashion Friday's. If you want to link up with me, grab the button! Kori xoxo

christine donee said...

I've always loved her work and her style! She's pretty awesome.


Karena said...

She has so much going for her and I love her design style!

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Art by Karena

Amy said...

These are wonderful colors for spring!

I've looked through so many of Kelly Wearstler's designs and love them. She has such an incredible eye for designs and style.


franki durbin said...

Nice link! I love kelly. She's very polarizing - bloggers/people either loathe her or love her. How can anyone dislike her happy, fun, playful outlook on life? She doesn't take herself too seriously and has succeeded because of her sheer talent and will. As a creative entrepreneur I have to applaud that!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! you've met Kelly? how was she? ;) loving the patterns and the colors!

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