Friday, April 15, 2011

as promised- On sale today only

Today is the day! If you have always wanted a piece of the artwork, but just couldn't afford it, the few remaining key paintings are $100 each. I actually use my key painting as a table tray instead of on the wall- looks super cute with a few baubles and sunglasses in it. If you'd like one please email (shipping included!!)

Here is what is left of the keys! Old price reflected on that site, so email me for the special pricing.

Something else I wanted to share with you today ,

Bags that I like, from missibaba


Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

Very nice bag... ;D


Bud and Leo said...

Great idea to use the print as a tray- love that idea! And the last bag is adore!

Allie said...

I just found your blog. It is a lovely place to visit. I'll be back soon. Your key art is beautiful too.