Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a few side notes

Want to thank the lovely Ladies today: Samantha, Leigh and Christina. They were so sweet in person.
And even though I've said t before the amazing Charles Nolan team for being so gracious to us. Thank you amazing Karen for traveling & taking hundreds of photos.
So many of you were supportive and posted this show online:

Also, since I am getting personal emails as well as blog comments about yes yes I wore juicy. And yes- It's the dress I previously posted on this blog. I caved in and bought it.
Wore it with these shoes. Glad you also enjoyed it :)

juicy couture, coach

Tried to commission the lovely jen and jamie of ban.do to make corsages for the artists but caught them a bit too late. Look what popped up on their site just today!! This first one would have been perfect on my little wrist wouldn't you say?
lots of photos from the show this week, stay tuned


Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear all about the event, so sorry I missed it. I will definitely try to catch a show the next time you come to NYC

Amanda Nicole said...

The creations they come up with at ban.do always blow me away. So gorgeous. And that corsage would have been perfect with your outfit!

Chris said...

I love those corsages. I keep thinking of buying something like that, but haven't yet.

And thanks for the LinkedIn recommendation, I really appreciate it!

Aline said...

You look soooo adorable!!! I was eyeing that dress myself:)

I think that I love all things ban.do!!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those Coach wedges are delicious!

Unknown said...

And thank you wonderful Dallas!! It was so amazing. I have so many photos to get to you and all the posts about the show.

Cannot wait for the next adventure in SF next week.


Karen said...

Hooray pictures!!!