Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{ beach weather}

This week I had an opportunity to work in Rehoboth Beach. I love working near the water, and try to do it once a week if weather permits. 

On this short trip, I hauled my paperwork, sketch pad and pink sunnies to the water packed in my newest travel necessity- the Nena &Co weekender. Warning: if you don't want to speak with strangers, this isn't the bag for you. ;) it was a major distraction to all who came in contact with it, waitresses, beach goers and my clients all ended up with the website in hand after coming up to ask about it. 


Kathrine Eldridge said...

This bag is amazing! I can definitely see why it's a conversation piece.


agapske said...

I love how the pink in your sunglasses matches your shorts! Such a cute outfit!

Unknown said...

Ah! You were right near me! I want to hear more about your trip!

Laura T. said...

This look is just the cutest. I am tempted to buy everything! Wish these shorts weren't sold out!

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