Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{ cozy work day accessories }

Break is over, but I wasn't quite ready to get back to the office today. I'm working from my bed with some coffee (ok, a lot of coffee) and my sketchpad. I spent hours looking through inspiring images and plotting out the next year. I slipped on something cozy as I sipped-- I highly recommend this type of workspace if just for a day.

Even on my lounging days, I tend to wear a necklace or, in today's case, two. It makes me feel just a little more 'together' for the day. Here, my custom signature necklace by brevity in gold. My signature is my logo, so this is a really special piece to me. Pairing it with a rose gold necklace from CB Luxe...and my flannel pjs.

{ brevity } { cb luxe }

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