Thursday, January 9, 2014

{ angersteins lighting }

When I decided to take part in a the DKNY Fragrance holiday shoot last month, the team and I were on really tight deadline and if it wasn't for Kristen and her staff at Angersteins Lighting we may have been left in trouble. (aka left. in. the. dark.)

The team not only helped find and install a few lights very quickly, but they also trusted in my "particular" taste. The first light we decided on was the Harding chandelier in bronze. It was an easy pick. Took one look at it and named it the mother of all chandeliers. It's got 48 bulbs, (48!) which seems intimidating for a dining area, but on a dimmer it's just perfect and was honestly the star of the shoot.

Angersteins is offering DS readers free shipping off all orders (!!) when you use the code dillydallas at checkout. Also, if that order is more than $1000 they will give you $100 off your purchase! January is so the time for a mini home makeover. 

shop Angersteins here!

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Tierra said...

Is... is that your home? Holy crap its amazing!