Friday, October 25, 2013

don't fear the dark

I just posted this over on Gloss Daily but we wanted to share it here too!  It’s October, and while I’ve never been into costumes, I do find that my makeup gets a little bit deeper in color this month. I refuse to hang fake cobwebs or plastic skeletons in my yard, but I am happy to celebrate Halloween in beauty routine with black shadow and pale skin.

To get started, go for the deepest black shadow you can find. In the office, we like make shadow in darkness. Apply in small strokes to create a perfectly imperfect frame around the eyes. Cream shadow like stila’s smudge pots may even be a good pickup for those new to a deep eye color. Top it off with black mascara ( here, armani eyes to kill).

Skin should be kept clean looking so use your regular foundation and skip blush (if you insist with the blush, please keep it as close to natural skin color as possible, but we think foundation with a dash of highlighter do the trick.)

Keep your lip color nude, but not chalky. Matte is fine if it has a pink tinge to it because we aren’t going for ghoul here. Try a shade like this one from lipstick queen, in bare nude.

To keep this looking more chic than scary, coat your nails with a deep navy polish. This one by T. LeClerc is rich and is high on shine. It keeps your look dark but not gothic (two very different things). As a finishing touch, the only web I’ll be spinning this year is this one above from one of my favorite jewelry designers, hirotaka, and I’ll be wearing it all year round. All products are linked below for you!

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Rosamapose said...

Uh, I LOVE that Hirotaka necklace!! I've been eyeing it for weeks. It would go perfectly with a dark, smoky eye :)

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