Thursday, October 10, 2013

baublebar aztec bib

this little sparkler came in the mail from bauble bar this week. dressing up all of my early fall looks with it already. stunning, right?

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Unknown said...

Hi Dallas,

I love that piece of a "bling - bauble bib" you are showing there.
For some reason I am always a little "afraid" to wear such an item.
Maybe I should just get over it and wear the bling I have... I use them as mood setters in my work space.
And all the idea's just flow.

And indeed you hit the nail right on the head when it came to those graphic t's
I never really wore them with my faves I have, but I do like the look of the one with the leopard pants. Tres Chic!

Maybe I need to not just wear them to sleep in! And step out of the box!
Thanks for waking me up!

I totally love your blog btw.

Have a lovely weekend.