Monday, May 27, 2013

Signature Brandywone Mag/ Deja Vu

 It's rare that I get to take on any projects in DE. Yes, it's were I currently live but all of my clients 
(both illustration and style) are in NYC and CA. I was thrilled when we got to play in a series of local favorite stores for a shopping series in Signature Brandywine magazine.
Our first stop, DejaVu in Trolley Square. The finds are ever-changing and the prices are unbeatable. Don't bother looking for the decorative hook in the last shot- I already brought it home for an upcoming project with Estee Lauder ;)

Want to see what else we scored? Check out Signature Brandywine's June issue.
(Yours truly on the cover)

images by Suchat Pederson, for Sig B

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