Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Chanel Event.

This month I was lucky to be a small part of a big event.

A local client commissioned this fashion illustration for a Chanel-themed party.
The illustration wears the gown her daughter will wear to the event! 
We are also having the original blown up to create a very chic sign in board for the party. 
Will take some photos ;)

Need something commissioned for your next stylish event? 

Also, one of the blog contributors sent this over to me on my birthday and I just thought it was so sweet that I had to share.
Will definitely make step me birthday greetings up a notch.
ps) Thanks everyone for your birthday tweets, posts, notes and emails. It made my day- I mean that.


Unknown said...

love this painting... very frame worthy!

Melissa G said...

This is a romantic painting. Well done.

Mia i Edina said...

i wanna cake for breakfast.. :)
i love your work, this place is true inspiration..

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

Such an incredibly beautiful piece, I love it! xx