Monday, March 12, 2012

makeup inspiration: lashes

This past year in my career has changed considerable and I have been a part of several photo shoots for editorials and publications. My favorite part about each shoot is getting to wear false eyelashes. I wear them for the rest of the day after each shoot is done. It's amazing how a little extra lash can give you a little extra confidence!
Searching online, I noticed many false eyelashes are over the top. While a very pretty concept, I don't want to wear glitter and stars on my lashes. I asked makeup artist Beke Beau to share a few of her favorite false lashes for real women. I love her breakdown and wanted to share below.
Ardell 110 - my go-to lash that suits almost everyone on earth and are what I call my "training" strip lashes for the newbies.

Red Cherry 747S - these lashes come in four lengths, but the "S" is another standard lash that works on most.  A bit fuller and more curly than the 110.

Ardell Fairies - a long, spiky lash I use for more believable drama - this one's good for deep-set eyes.

Red Cherry 01 - the most dramatic of the "natural" lashes. 

Ardell 116 - another long lash that's not too thick.  It has a lot of swoop on the outer corners.  

Red Cherry 218 - I used a lot of these when I did a shoot for a strip club.  Enough said, but they're not ridiculous. (ha! why I love Beke.)

Ardell Accent 301 - a half lash that works one women with thick but short lashes.  Fairly easy to apply because of the shorter length.

Red Cherry or Ardell Individual Lashes in Short Flair Black - once you get the hang of applying these, it's easy to pop a few on.  I don't necessarily concentrate at the outer corners but tend to space them evenly across the lash line for more length and fullness.

(let the glue set for about 30 seconds before placing them.  At the end of the party, gently peel them off after cleansing the face.  Remove whatever glue might be left on the lash line with something emollient like baby or jojoba oil.)

Thanks Beke!!!
1) red cherry 01, 2) red cherry 218, 3) red cherry 747s, 4) red cherry short flairs.


paislea said...

that picture is gorgeous! i have never tried false lashes but would love to give them a try!

drop by allister bee soon!

annie said...

love the pic! but i never was comfortable with fake eyelashes. not for me

Alexa said...

Oooh wow. I've tried fake lashes...they are so fun!

Shannon said...

I have never succeeded in putting false eyelashes on. I love the look that they bring and I would wear them all the time.

Anonymous said...

Fake lashes just seem too hard for me! I think I will stick with mascara, but lovely post! I adore your blog, hope you can take a look at mine some time lovely :)

Kate {Something Fabulous}

BelleBelle said...

could not agree more! I still wear my Ardell 110 faithfully - so easy to apply and look fantastic. They make great Duo adhesive in a darker color so you don't have to fret about the white showing.

Unknown said...

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