Wednesday, December 21, 2011

JBD Style Challenge #3

As part 3 of the JBD Style challenge I was asked to find the purse that best represents me and share it. Without any hesistation, I pulled this one out of the closet. This bag is one that is very special to me. 
Yes, Chanel. But more importantly- it's vintage, unique in color and shape. As you know I love fashion, and I try to share design that is specific to my personal style. You could probably guess that it's mine just by looking at it- and that's what I love about it.
(it was also a very special gift, to me, from me, celebrating a milestone in my career)

 As some of you know, abc family will be featuring one reader from the winning blog on their webpage, so if you like the entries please let them know! 
You can mention my blog here while sharing your favorite bag!
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Anonymous said...

that white clutch is TO DIE FOR, where did you get it!?

XX Kathryn

ATIVE said...

Oh it's very pretty :)

DeeDee said...


Em-Jae said...

stunning bag! your style challenge posts are fantastic :]

ashley nicole catherine said...

gorgeous bag and just look at all the pretties in it! where is the filigree usb stick from??

Marcus Design said...

That bag is INSANE. Gorgeous. I'll probably dream of it tonight, lol.
Nancy xo

Sarah said...

That bag is simple, chic and so impossibly gorgeous!

LaNae Mackey said...