Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let's Design Together: Your turn

I first want to thank you for sharing your thoughts so far on our new office. You have helped add a large piece with the screen, helped solve branding challenges with the labels, and then helped us layer while still staying light and bright.

As we wait for the rugs to be delivered for the office, we are left with a few breathtaking items- and a dilemma. How do you disguise electronics- scanner, printer, and other artist needs (pencil sharpener, camera, etc) in an small office space. This week, we turn to you for your ideas. Please comment or link below!! Appreciate your thoughts.


Meghan McCann said...

I've seen a lot of clever ways to gather chords and things like that. Maybe to completely disguise the electronics you could find (or make) a pretty fabric covered box and somehow remove the bottom (or turn it around) to cover the printer/scanner when you're not using it.


Anonymous said...

Check out these white laquer and wood storage boxes from West Elm; http://www.westelm.com/products/wood-boxes-with-lacquered-lids-a747/?pkey=cstorage-baskets !!

Alexa said...

wicker baskets to hide cords...or some type of basket.

Amy said...

If you're feeling a little crafty you can dress up a wooden cigar box to hold the odds and ends

lauren said...

Here are some ideas:
A table that has a bottom shelf to hide the bulky electronics below eye level... a work bench of sorts.

Curtains are also a great way to hide electronics under a desk or on a shelf.

An amoire with shelving & doors is a great idea... more of a statement with a larger piece of furniture but keeps things organized.

JET @ Moscato Villa said...

Why cover them up if you're going to use them a lot? For the scanner and sharpener I might wallpaper them or get a sticker made in like a chevron print or something. Or glue fabric right to the thing? Idk. Just to give them a pop of style and color. Xo happy Tuesday!

Ana Degenaar said...

Amazing stuff, I need inspiration!

a m o u r e t t e said...

I would get a cabinet for the big things (scanner, printer etc).

For the cords that you don't use everyday I would find a pretty box to keep them in that look beautiful enough to display.

I kind of love the idea someone had about beautifying the actual item with a chevron print.

Office supplies like staplers and tape dispensers can be very attractive. I like to get mine from museum gift stores. MOMA has some very nice ones.

BelleBelle said...

I have this same problem! Right now I have a skirted table to hide things underneath, but it is kind of a hassle. Since I love West Elm, I am considering the lacquered storage boxes for cords that glamourguild suggested. And then a bench with filing underneath. The printer is so hard!

Unknown said...

I'm all for disguising the electronics - but it isnt efficient. In our office they are part of the decor. We just make sure our desks are clear of clutter and everyone has matching accessories for pens/pencils, lamps, etc. Good luck - cant wait to see what you do.

style/SWOON said...

Hi Dallas!

I'm not even sure how I landed on your blog today but as I was loving my way through every post I came to this one. That's my office! (or at least it was before I got married)... anyway it was too funny. Huge fan of your work. Hope you found a solution to your electronics. I'm always trying to hide all of it in any way I can!