Monday, May 4, 2009

help a girl out

Woke up to the prettiest flowers in DE this week. Right smack outside my door.

Makes me want to wear pink:

photo by anna wolf, vera wang

Working on some new illos- wanna play?
Making a list of things stylish gals do, or that they look chic doing in illustrations for a new company!
Add to my list:
- thrift shop
-sip martinis
-walk dogs
-bike ride
-look at artwork
-try on shoes

now you help please!


ticklishfromadistance said...

Loving the pink. Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Great blog.

sarah said...

That second photo with the sun streaming down is absolutely stunning!

Cindy said...

love those pink blossoms.

stylish gals -
- go to movie premiers.
- attend fashion shows.
- lunch.
- sip coffee at a sidewalk cafe, paris, of course.
- shop on fifth avenue.

Anonymous said...

O.k., no advice here on what fashionable girls do, but I love the pictures! You need to cut some and put them in the house, NOW! (P.S. totally love your music list. We may have the same cd collection.)

JGeb said...

beautiful flowers!

How about:
-take photographs
-smell flowers

Wina said...

Ah lucky u! Thanks for the suggestion! : )

bopbopdesigns said...

sidewalk cafe came to my mind too :)
go to museums,
shop at a local outdoors farmer market, take romantic walks on teh beach, golf, lounge on a yacht...

I think i am ready for summer.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

beautiful photos!! how about girl sitting at starbucks reading vogue with shopping bags under the table?

Char said...

stylish girls -
help out at a charity
sip wine on patios in napa
buy veggies at the farmer's market
use a polaroid camera

love the flare in the shots!

Carey R. Piper said...

Photos are great!

As for stylish gals-
-flower shop

georgia b. said...

what a wonderful sight to wake up to! i'm loving pink, too.

here's my contribution:
-sit on the beach
-help an elderly woman cross the street
-photograph her surroundings
-brunch with her girlfriends
-walk arm in arm with her husband through the airport

Christina said...

those flowers are so pretty!

Dallas Shaw said...

love these suggestions. and I can use the all so far~ yes they would look pretty smelling flowers...!

Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

Gorgeous flowers! I'd be cutting some and putting them all over the house!!

Houston's Weekly Chic said... about a girl sleeping soundly in a luxurious, gorgeous bed with a large down comforter, cozy sheets, and an amazing headboard...wearing velvet eye shades of course. Or maybe that's just where I wish I was right now.

Aline said...

the flowers are gorgeous!!!

window shop
farmer's market
reading under a tree

Tant C said...

Beautiful pink flowers!

Dallas Shaw said...

now to decide what my first stylish lady should do...

Jessica Ferron said...

Those flowers are near and dear to my heart.. there were several trees outside my window during college and I always loved the few days they were in bloom!

Stylish girls stare longingly out a large window while at work... or maybe that's just me :)

Lizzy said...

love this post! So pretty :)

Penny said...

Pretty, pretty! I love pink!

Sarah said...

Hey Dallas I nominated you for an award!
Check out my blog,


Valila said...

sorry i don't speak english but uuhh ...i love your

Andhari said...

Pretttyyyy flowers :)

I love them.

Janet said...

Great photos. The pink flowers are gorgeous!

Carol Jeandel said...

love it this style all my favorite pink in ; )

trishie said...

Great post!
Stylish girls-
Wear flowers on hair, regardless of season.
Seem to always look good in photos, even when caught unaware.

kendall.micayla said...

Stylish gals:
-Knitting! :)
-painting their nails
-putting on mascara... or is that to normal?
-typing on their laptop at starbucks
-writing a letter
-baking! or decorating a cake
(I am all out of ideas! hope you can use some of them, im afraid that I wasnt much help! all of the other suggestions were awesome-I wish you could do them ALL! :) )
Lovely pictures!

Brigadeiro said...

Those pictures of pink flowers on the tree, are so so gorgeous!

Jessica Turnbow said...

-Giving a dog a bath outside with a hose

-Checking the mail


-Laying on a raft in a pool

-Sailing a boat

-Baking a cake