Friday, March 6, 2009

my bad

hey. I skipped a day.
For all of you in the art industry that follow you know that being an artist can get a little rough here and there. I needed a day to sort some things out. Things in my office had been piling and piling up. I also needed a "think day". Needed to get some additional inspiration and figure out what my next moves would be to be really successful. So if your not following, hope you will be soon. I feel really good this morning!
Enjoyed what I think will be the last real day of snow yesterday,I'll be watching it melt from the office window today.

While I desaturated this shot, I'd love to introduce you to a company called We dream In Colour.
I first bought a pair or their earrings at urban last year.
this is the pair I own. You can see them in this shot:

it's the only piece of jewelry I own with any color in it. Thinking of getting another piece. I wont wear them together. Promise.


Sarah said...

We all have those days- Welcome back!

MS said...

Ooh, the snow in the first photo looks so pretty! I miss that.

Cool earrings. I love the color of them and your print.

Welcome back!

Andhari said...

its just one of those days, so normal.glad youre back and`well.

Anonymous said...

who is your coat by!!

Dallas Shaw said...

ha! this is the cheapest coat in my whole closet! g-a-p!!! my day= made.

kendall.micayla said...

Our snow is almost all the way gone. :(
I am loving those earrings-waayyy too cute! :)
Is it ok with you if I put your blog in my link list on my blog? (

laura said...

awww how gorgeous are you!!!! love the earrings too, so pretty!

Courtney said...

Cute earrings! Love the colour.

Welcome back. [We all need 'days off' now and then].