Thursday, April 10, 2014

{ Rainy day beauty haul at Sephora }

One rainy days, I have a strange habit of getting in comfy, stretchy clothes, picking up a coffee …and spending a day at Sephora. I don’t know what it is about the rain that makes me even more inspired to try out new product but I end up in store whenever it comes down.
This week, on an exceptionally awful day weather-wise, I ended up with a really beautiful beauty haul. Here’s what I picked up:

Naked 3 palette. I loved one, tried two (went back to one), and now will try every shade in Urban Decay’s newest Naked 3 palette. I makeup artist once told me to avoid palettes in general but I’m an artist, what can I say.

I live in a good metallic since I tried the Stila pots, so when I walked by Buxom’s line of shiny stay there eyeshadow, this copper beauty stopped me in my tracks. And all named after dog breeds? Fun. I’ll take Golden Retriever for this test.

Years ago I had an estee shade that was the perfect nude with a touch of pink. It was discontinued ages ago and I have been trying to replace it since that day. My latest attempt will be with Make Up Forever’s N18 with their 3C liner. Wish me luck.

On a recent shoot for qvc, the makeup artist used an orange shade in my crease. Not a deep pretty corally orange, but instead a one with a yellowish tint. I cringed and closed my eyes when she began to apply but when I opened  them back up, I looked years younger. Decided to try this one for myself, so I grabbed Nars Duo in mediteranee.

I need another palette in my life like I need another man in my life ;) but THIS one, limited edition NARS issist looks like it’s my dream collection. Nudes, browns, plums, grays…  Itching to try this.

Links are below for you so you can test em out with me. I also included links to the products. Send a tweet if you like anything- I’d love to hear if we feel the same love for these new goodies.

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Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

Thanks for sharing all your Sephora picks! What color is the nail polish you are wearing in the first picture?