Tuesday, November 26, 2013

holiday wishlist { lifestyle }

wouldn't these make such great gifts? we're thinking the Hermes Avalon Blanket for a relative, the Metallic Stone Statement Earrings for your best friend and the Cable and Leather Glove for yourself. a little chic for them, a little chic for you!

{Grande Bow Heels} {Crystal and Gold Carthage Bangle} {Sabine Grey Stone Statement Necklace} {Rabbit Fur Yali} {Maison d'Or - Coeur de Cassis Candle} {Gold Pedestal Table} {Hermes Avalon Blanket} {Lucite Monogram Letter} {Metallic Stone Statement Earrings} {Cable and Leather Glove} {Safari Clutch} {Prada Sunglasses} {Elf Wine Stopper} {Quote Bookends} {Proper Hunt}


Yolonda | Style Fragment said...

I love the fur and gloves. And the lucite letter, I'll take it!

Megan Myers-Bell said...

Seriously, I did a double take when I saw the quote bookends, but they're unavailable at the click through link. Now, I'm on the hunt! Thanks for sharing them, Dallas.