Monday, June 10, 2013

Sabine G

For our recent promo shoot for the Glossybox project, piles of jewelry were brought in for me to play and style myself in ( You don't understand. Dream day. ) One of those jewelry designers I ended up wearing was Sabine G.
A few of the pieces I wore are below. I pieced them with a red ruffled gown, red shoes (both by Oscar de la Renta), red lips... it was a very "red everything" look which I don't normally opt for but somehow worked. 

 The last piece above is a double ring which I wore and truthfully didn't want to take off. I have never seen such a pretty double ring before. It's something I plan to add to my collection sometime soon.

 This one was on my insta during the shoot. The rings were made to be worn above the knuckle. 
So. very. cool. Sabine. G.


Alexa said...

So so gorgeous! :)

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

absolutely love above the knuckle rings - and these are amazing and vintage-y looking!

xo, Jennifer