Monday, June 3, 2013

Hygge and West takes over Dallas's closet

Have you been catching the interesting conversations on twitter, and the instagram photos this week? If yes, you probably have caught onto the fact that we have a photo shoot next week for an upcoming project and are prepping my "closet".

Hygge and west came over and fully dressed my dressing space in "petal pusher", a metallic wallpaper and a long time favorite pattern of mine ( designed by the one and only joy ).

I am very lucky to say that my "closet" is an actual full room (who needs guests anyway?). 
Due to the nature of my job I need a little larger of a closet than most and I decided to go with a nontraditional design as per usual.

The end of the day left me speechless. It looks amazing 
and I cannot wait for you to see even more of the space!

Thanks to the Hygge and West team for making me such a fan. 


Sadie + Stella said...

This looks phenomenal. So jelly.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous wallpaper. Now Googling to see if we can get it in the UK!