Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kwait diamonds

There I am, sitting at PJ Clarke's between fashion shows with the beautiful Julia Engel, and I realize that I am DRIPPING in diamonds. Me to Julia: "This cannot be real life."

Listen carefully- diamonds ARE a girl's best friend. Kwiat diamonds to be more specific.
 I got to find that out firsthand this year when I got a little fancy at NYFW. 
Here are some photos of the beautiful Kwiat diamonds
 I wore while in town this year.

The team there is so kind and they make picking out the right pieces really easy. I such a lovely experience there. Thank you to the team at Kwiat for decking me out this year.

{ diamonds by Kwiat } { Photos by Julia and I }


Unknown said...

Wow, those are gorgeous diamonds! You're glowing!

Alexa said...

Oh wow those are stunning!

Unknown said...

Ah! I love these pictures so much! "Don't worry, I'm insured" ;) Miss you!

xx Jules

Jill said...

Gorgeous diamonds. And I love your manicure with that ring. Divine!