Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog Team

There is absolutely no way I could maintain this blog space by myself. 
While it always focuses on my personal style picks, there are 4 very stylish ladies behind the scenes who help to make every post extra chic for you.

You can see more of their personal faves or say hello here:

{ home & lifestyle contributor }

Christina is the creator of Proper Hunt, a blog documenting her journey into the fabulous world of interiors. Since moving into her home 5 years ago from Washington, DC, her style has evolved from French antiques to Palm Beach to Mid-century Modern. Her love for spaces that share a mix of modern & vintage with dashes of color & fun patterns is apparent in what she features on her blog. She currently lives in Annapolis, MD where she lives with her husband and baby daughter Cora.

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{ beauty contributor }

Ashley is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and a lover of all things creative. She has a passion for captivating beautiful things through both painting and photography and loves making pretty things for all the pretty people in her life. After taking calligraphy class in college, it became an obsession which has turned into an Etsy shop: Ashley Erin Design. Ashley loves fashion magazines, her kindle, big hair, coffee, instagram, beautiful things and anything that sparkles. Ashley currently lives in Manhattan, New York.

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{ fashion contributor }

Alicia is a twenty-something year old fashion blogger living in Austin, Texas. Growing up on the beaches of Florida Alicia started Wholesome Fashion to express her love of 6 inch heels, art and her obsession with fashion designers. In college Alicia worked for Betsy Johnson which gave her the inside scoop on just how fun and flirty fashion can really be. Fashion is like art that you can wear and change on a daily basis, in the words of Madonna "EXPRESS YOURSELF". 

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{ blog manager }

Elizabeth is the creator or A Lover's Anthology, her place to inspire readers to live their best, most exciting life. Through new food recipes,  gorgeous editorial inspiration or her favorite beauty products you can find. She is inspired by rich textures, exciting prints and of course the very best lipstick you can find. Elizabeth currently lives in Manhattan.

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