Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When I returned home from nyfw, I thought about all of the amazingly talented, and beautiful people I spent my week with. I work in the fashion industry- an industry that is filled with people who have confidence (sometimes a little too much confidence). I choose to work with, and surround myself with, people in the industry who are beautiful both inside and out. It was nice to see so many smiling faces this year, a trait that I wish more people in the industry would embrace.
( if a street style photographer asks for your photo, would it kill you to smile?)

Let's all commit to smiling more this year. Here is some inspiration to show off your pearly whites. Ha anyone tried Go Smile? Crest White strips? Professional whitening?

Cute tortoise toothbrushes by bigalow chemists, gosmile starter kit, and touch ups.


christin said...

the crest white strips work REALLY well. just watch out for sensitivity!

Karen said...

I tend to gravitate towards people that smile!! And like they say, a smile says a thousand words!!


The Kennedy Family said...

I heart white teeth. If you find yourself in Florida, I will hook you up with some pearly whites compliments of Kennedy Dental. :-)

Dallas Shaw said...

haha! It's good to know people Courtney.

Alexa said...

I second the crest white strips comment!

RAY said...

I love reading your posts because I dream of working in this industry when I'm older. It seems divine.

Happy week, darling!

db said...

In the words of Will Ferrall as Elf 'I love smiling, smiling's my favortie' lol. No but seriously I love to smile and I find nothing more warm or more inviting then a bright smile on the face of another. as far as keeping my pearly whites shining I've tried the crest white strips and they work well but my general method is an age old remedy, baking soda and peroxide. I'd like to get a professional whitening job someday just haven't had the time but I'll get too it!
Wonderful post!
Darling Bonnie