Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Painted Porcelain

I have always wanted to make holiday gifts, but I don't bake, and I don't like the idea of anything that looks too crafty. This year I may actually try this! If nothing else I'll make one for myself.

These are cute too.


mandyface said...

That would take some time but it would be so worth it! That's a gift I'd love to get!

amy b.s. said...

that would make a great gift.

palmandpineblog said...

How pretty!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog
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Amanda || Eclectic Snapshots said...

What a great, original gift!
Great find!

Rebecca said...

so beautiful! do you have to use a special paint?

Alena: Oh, Its Just Perfect! said...

I love this!! If only I was patient enough and crafty enough to make one :)

Josie said...

Those mugs are ADORABLE -- you're right; they'd be the perfect present!
xo Josie