Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let's Design Together

Today I'd like to show you the next round of items that arrived for the office. (Here was the progress we made last week in case you are following along.)
I loved your notes on this project last week- hope you enjoy what I have added!

The next few items I brought into my office space include this vintage Louis chair (above) that I picked up at an antique shop in Chadds Ford, PA. It was set outside of the shop, calling me in as I passed by. I had it refinished to a high gloss white but kept the taupe fabric. I had to beg the women to refinish it b/c they didn't want it too be white. I won the battle.

I LOVE the marco console that the blog readers chose from bungalow 5.
It's small in a good way, and the nail heads make such a statement.
I put it in the empty space under the mirrors, and yes you can see the vent, 
but we'll cover that eventually.

I grabbed this desk from good old ikea. I really like a glass top desk.

The working space is coming along! I hope you enjoy seeing all of the items together finally.

So far: rugs, screen, console, desk, chair


Unknown said...

gorgeous work space!

Anonymous said...

Chic and cozy!


Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE it!! The chair is perfection and that screen...so so good.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh your office looks amazing! Love the neutrals, gold, and white! Stunning.

ashley nicole catherine said...

it's coming together so well! i can't believe you had to convince someone to refinish a chair you bought! good call though, looks great in white.

Dallas Shaw said...

ha! yes. that really happened!!

LilFashionista said...

love the office I love to be blogging there haha.

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

I could most definitely see myself working in that space. So chic!

Elle Marie said...

Looks amazing! And that chair.. LOVE.

Cara Kuhl said...

this is SO chic ~ that console is perfection! and the Louie chair? oh my word.

ps ~ love your blog too! am your newest follower now, though I suspect not for long :)

Alexa said...

LOVE this desk. I have major workspace envy right now.

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

I adore this desk + the chair is so gorgeous!! Keep up the beautiful work, Dallas :)


Missy Minicucci | The Rinfret Group said...

new follower here :) i love love ur blog and this office is fantastic. have a great day! xx

Paula {treschicmama} said...

absolutely beautiful!! so clean and chic!!