Monday, September 19, 2011

Specifically seeking exceptional taste

I always say you can do anything at all with amazing personal style. So, if you caught last weeks post, and you are in need of an internship (or you just really love searching for amazing products) ,
it's time to send over some info. While living nearby is a bonus, it's not necessary for this one. 
Happy to announce this internship is virtual! 

For more info email Subject: internship.

Double check that your school would be open to something like this, and then email away. 
The most important requirement is that you have amazing style.  "I-try-really-hard style" is 
not for this blog. Specifically seeking exceptional taste.
(this time around: a simple and stylish graphic designer, 
someone with flawless taste in baby /kids products, 
marketing/client relations, blog manager)


LilFashionista said...

Nice blog I love it!

jhonblack said...

What a fabulous keepsake! Thanks for letting me know about logo design