Thursday, March 31, 2011


As some of you know I spent the entire day yesterday on the couch when I got hit with a fever. Nothing bothers me more than not being able to do anything so I tried my hardest to work.

 photo: milenachka

I did decide that any of the unsold key paintings (as seen on design*sponge), would be sold for $100 before I move into a new space. It will be a one-week only sale and we'd love to feature your styled painting on the blog (American Eagle Outfitters bought the majority, but there are a few left!)
It's a steal since all of my work is currently selling for $450- $3000. Email if you'd like info before the sale. Begins Monday.


Anna Walker said...

They're so pretty! You, my blogger friend, are super talented! :D

Unknown said...

I love key and I LOVE these paintings. If I wasn't trying to save every penny right now for a house, I would get some of these.

Get Better!!!

christine donee said...

oo I love these!

Unknown said...

Lovely paintings! Hope you're feeling better today!

Unknown said...

I love these....can you let me know when they go to sale?
I think this would make an amazing housewarming gift. If I decided to part with it:)

The Glam Lamb said...

Hi! I just had to tell you - I just found your blog - and I am crazzzzy about it!! I just pinned a few pics too! You have insane talent and I am thrilled I found your blog. you can check out mine if you want, this comment wasn't a plug -- just had to tell you how much i enjoyed flipping through yours! (

Alyson said...

Love these paintings! I may have to scrounge up some money and take advantage of this!

Noemi said...

Love your paintings, I hope you are feeling well soon; AE Outfitters is following me everywhere, I had just won 2nd place in a Polyvore contest which was displayed in their Times Square billboard for a week this month :) did not get to make the trip but got lots of pictures; maybe when I get my winning card from them I can go shopping...again feel better soon!
♥ Noemi

this free bird said...

superb paintings and congrats for selling many to AE!