Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am home from nyfw, and while I have a few amazing pictures I need to share with you from ODLR, I first wanted to share what I am looking at right now.
I am back to work doing test illustrations for a large project, and my inspiration for the tests:

viktoria sasonkina


Kae said...

the colors in those photos are great. I'm loving the vibrant pink and red.

Lindley said...

cant wait to see how those turn out. that second photo is awesome. i'd like to put that in my bathroom. do you do custom work? how about trade for jewelry? :)

annie said...

amazing colours!

Marisa Seguin said...

Gorgeous photos! Love that wash of colour. Can't wait to see how the illustrations turn out!

Noemi said...

I am sure it will be amazing excited to see the finished product! Can not wait to see the odlr pictures, and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post, I thought that particular piece deserved a center spotlight :)
♥ Noemi