Wednesday, August 11, 2010


 I read about Josie Curran in the london times and I thought her home was adorable. She is the author of organized fun for kids . Just wanted to share the pics from her sweet houseboat on the Thames with you today.

I love the way her books are grouped, the amazing chair- this entire room is so charming.

Don't you immediately love Josie?
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Moon to Moon said...

I love that beaten up leather chair!

loving the blog

Moon to Moon said...

Loving that beaten up leather chair!

Good luck with the work :)


Nikki said...

I love the bedroom. So sweet and serene.


Tiffany Kadani said...

The fact that she has a KISS pillow on her bed just makes me love her so much! And that photo of her in the sunlight is pure bliss.

Anna said...

her house is so pretty! I have always wanted to live on a houseboat (just like bo & hope on days of our lives). I love the artwork on the covers of her books. I just googled her, love this sentence: "When she's not mucking about on beaches, campsites or under dinner tables..."

Kristen said...

This is a houseboat? How awesome!

MerciBlahBlah said...

a) I LOVE that A pillow in the first photo, and
2) The Silence sign above the bed? Genius.
The end.


MrJeffery said...

these are so beautiful.

Dulce Moonchild said...

the first pic is my fav, the chair and the dolls on the bookcase, simple pretty

Karena said...

All of this on a house boat!! Wonderful!

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Art by Karena

by Sutton said...

obsessed with it all. i love re-araning my books into fun new stacks!!

A Crimson Kiss said...

It's divine! So relaxing and peaceful.

Taylor said...

I love the art above the bed and the KISS pillow!!! So sweet yet appropriate!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh!!! That bedroom! I love everything about it! I want to know where that duvet came from!

Unknown said...

I just color grouped my books - hers look amazing!!

Leigh said...

That bedroom is phenominal!!