Tuesday, July 14, 2009

designing bag art

This past weekend was filled with cotton candy, sunny weather, root beer shaved ice- and an art show for me. I met some new wonderful people and will post photos from the Phila show soon.

I've had cotton candy twice this week on separate occasions - I can't resist it. And every time I order I request an "all pink bag please" (this is when my husband asks how old I am every time).

Today I will be designing artwork for dustbags! I'll post progress. In the meantime here are a few that I enjoy.

what would you like to see me draw on the dustbags? suggestions?

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Amanda Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, those bags are too cute! I think I just died after seeing the rabbit with a monocle.

Karen said...

Can't wait to see pics from the show!! I love this Dust Bags idea!!! Super!! Owls and squirrels are pretty hot these days!

Jan said...

I would suggest designing a bag for keeping candyfloss (UK name)in - but its 'lifespan' is a bit short - love it :)

Kosmopolight said...

Nothing wrong with an all pink bag of cotton candy -- at any age! Love the bags. I'm with Karen, an owl would look great :)


Unknown said...

OMG Dallas I love these, I am going to have one of yours ordered for my self for sure! I also cannot wait to see the updates on the latest show. :)

Check your e-mail, exciting news as well xo

Waxy said...

Cotton candy twice in one week - so jealous!!!

Aline said...

I'm sure that whatever you go with, it will be amazing!