Thursday, November 22, 2012

from me, to you

In the past few months my career has changed greatly.  My job has taken me to new places, brought on new challenges and has introduced me to so many new people - even some new friends. My job has changed from Fashion illustrator, to fashion illustrator/ Style Expert, to Fashion Illustrator/ Style Expert/ Correspondent, and the titles continue to evolve weekly. I know so many of you have been following on twitter and instagram because I love reading all of your notes while I am traveling. Your encouragements have become such a support system throughout this journey.

Today,  I'm thankful for everything that has been happening in my life. And I am equally to have you all experiencing it along with me. I can't wait to see what is next and to share it with everyone as more exciting, and sometimes frightening, changes take place.

Hope you have a moment spend some time with the people who make you the happiest today.
Happy Thanksgiving.



tintheterk said...
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Taylor Lumpkin said...

Dallas, i am so thankful for you! You are such an inspiration to me and i always look forward to your posts on instagram. Ive always been stuck between whether i wanted to be a fashion designer or an artist when i grow up, but you have shown me that there is more than just "artist" or "fashion designer" etc. I really do inspire to be just like you when i get older, so thank you:)

Giselle Williams-Thomas said...

You followed me on Twitter just a few hours ago and I'm super stoked. You work is beyond fabulous and inspiring. As a handwriting artist (who dabbles in accessory design) I would love to add illustration to my portfolio. You make it look so effortless but I know it all came after lots of hard work. I admire you. Simply put. Have a great one!!!