Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just met with local darlings Haley and Dee Cairo to check out some of their new mae movement bracelets.  During the summertime I wear alot of color stacked on my wrists, so it was really hard to decide which I liked best. Here is the combo I ended up with:

They are all so pretty so how do you choose? When you do decide which colors you like best ,
you can contact them through their website below.


Ellie Ediger said...

I have several of these bracelets and they've become somewhat of an obsession. I found all of mine at local boutiques, thanks for the source to order them online!

Dallas Shaw said...

These have a really unique weave to them, and are MUCH better quality than any I have seen yet. I know you'll love them.

Beth said...

Since my Birthday I've definitely got back into bracelets, I now wear several everyday, and I NEED some of those bracelets; they are lovely.

Darling Bonnie said...

such calm beautiful colors. I'd love to own the last set.
Darling Bonnie

Kate said...

These look really unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Kate {Something Fabulous}


reviews said...

love the bracelets!


Daryl said...

I just went to their website and ordered 3! I can't wait to receive them. Hopefully they will arrive soon, so I can make sure they fit well (I have small wrists) and order more!

Thanks for sharing these awesome bracelets!

a m o u r e t t e said...

so pretty! just ordered a set!